Rising up! 


I’m not a religious person, yet I’ve always aligned with the parable about Paul, or is it Saul, on the road to Damascus. When he’s blinded by the light of understanding- my take on it – and is forever changed. 

Yep, I’m versed and I dig any wisdom tradition.  Educate yourself and be open. Everything has something to teach you. 

These are the moments in life where we truly evolve. 

When tragedy strikes or hearts are broken, jobs are lost or our health is in question… or maybe it’s simply a bad day or a flat tire. Whatever the instigator may be, no matter how low we sink… like I mention in my previous blog about hitting rock bottom.

There comes a moment when you rally. For me, that’s today after taking a day off of work, staying in my pajamas all day and now here it is, bedtime and I’m on fire. 

Maybe it’s the first few chapters of Aleph by Paulo Coelho that I’m reading, because it’s certainly not the reruns of Star Trek TNG and the cheese puffs. Holy crap… cheese puffs!..??? I knew shit was getting bad when that nasty orange crap entered my veins. 

I switched to a little journaling, a little time on my mat, a little Coelho, a little red wine with Rosemary… 

A sprig of Rosemary in your red is a delight. Give it a try, you might just remember who you are!

… and holy crap I started truly thinking of my life-path trajectory right now. My business is thriving and it needs me. I’m working with a new marketing & strategy company to launch a new evolution of bad-assery in business and I can’t wait to see the growth and inspiration that happens for myself, and even more so for my employees. 

I’m enrolled in another teacher training through Davidji that will open all kinds of doors. To perception, persistence and possibility! The sky is not the limit… the whole damn Universe is! 

I pick up my life-coaching next week with the amazing Kali Love and it’s time to focus on my outcomes. What is it I really want to achieve in the next few months with her guidance spurring me on?

Launch my own coaching business, start that novel, pursue that business idea I have?? These are the questions I want to be asking. 

I’ve asked why he’s not here, why didn’t it work, how can I still feel this much, will it still work, is he the one..? Yet, I may be the only one doing that so… get it together woman! No matter the way that plays out, I gotta be me. 

If I write to you about finding your inner magick then by God I will show you how I process finding mine. 

My employees that are leaving are already creating space, and in walks a new designer from Manhattan to join my team. She’s over the moon. My guys that are retiring are relieved. They want the best for me and are still giving me their all. That’s love & loyalty. New girl has no clue how thrilled I am. 

My kids are absolutely excelling at highschool this year and overcoming things I’d really been fearful about. Our home is full of laughter and lightness. — ok it’s been full of a lot of tears too, we don’t hide our emotions here. We embrace them and let them teach us. Our house is always overflowing with love though. 

Any man would be the luckiest person on the planet to be a part of my world right now, however that’s not what the Universe is showing me. It’s saying… you got this girl. You are up to bat and I’m throwing you the big one. Now is your time to shine. Don’t let anyone hold you back and swing away baby… knock it outta the park. 

When a warrior is ready to play, he’ll show up knowing how valuable he is and how valuable I am. Maybe it’s simply time for him to realize it too, or someone else who’s been doing the work. I can’t assume. I don’t know what the future holds. I can only continue creating my own. 

In a world full of chaos, hurricanes, wars, riots, terrorism, hunger, climate change and more… 

I’m here to tell you… breathe, take care of you. Show up for you. Pursue your passions & dreams and the right people will show up to play their part. At times it’ll be painful… that’s when we don’t give up. 

Surrender to it if you need to, eat those cheese puffs… then get back up and swing away! We’ve got this one life and it’s full of purpose. Go get it! 

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