You’re not your body


It’s like your Soul is so high that it needed a Designated Driver– your body– to find its way home. 

Even though the DD –your body/mind– is in the drivers seat, it’s gotta listen to its passenger to find its way along the journey …… ya get me?

It’s often a very frustrating and confusing ride. 

Listen to your passenger –your soul– and let it guide you to where you need to be. 

Out of your head and into your heart. 

Fulfilling your destiny. 

5 comments on “You’re not your body”

      1. You know its a wonderful question to ask…..but the soul was originally designed for a free world, our physical presence is today so confined by our worldly conditionings and expectations and judgemental measures, that the poor thing often seems to be like a fish out of water. Be as it may, if you can create the space where it can take the lead, I am sure it will be a journey of bliss.

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      2. Very astute perspective. The soul knows only love. It’s pure love. The world is the farthest thing from that. Perhaps it needs most those of us who may be willing to let love lead. Sending you much love my friend. We need it in this crazy world.

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