Writings from a friend and musings on love.

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Sharing a memory from a few years ago… or maybe just last year. Time is a funny thing. 

A very dear friend and I exchange poetry a lot on FB and messages etc…prior to my blogging days. His writing below will sing to your soul. Don’t forget the trail of love you leave behind that he reminds us of.

 When we exchange texts or poetry we each are often pondering the same things we all do in life. Mostly love and longing. Often it’s complete and utter shock at the stupidity of the world but it mostly stays on the subject of love. What else is there really?

How in a time of severe climate change, nuclear war threats, overpopulation and more -don’t even get me started on The Great Barrier Reef- people waste love on pettiness and drama, I have no clue. It’s the human condition I suppose. I certainly fell into the “this is too good to be true” and self-sabotaged a bit, however I am not the only one doing that. For me, it serves as a wake-up call and reminder of who I really am. It was only a matter of days for me to look at how I did not bring my highest self to some things and how I forgot my own self-worth in others. On a spiritual path that means… you’re good and ready for what’s next. The shame is your significant other is not always there with you nor do they know, possibly, that that is how you operate and they are expecting the same-old drama they’ve gotten from those unaware. Anyhow… my separation from love continues. Cancel, delete, upgrade that language sistah!!! … My separation from romantic love continues and my connectedness to Self-love has grown exponentially. Trust me too that I have not forgotten how awesomely I showed up for love a majority of the time… as did he. It’s sad that the spotlight is not on that and it’s on the difficulty. Again, it’s human nature I guess. I will remain on my mission to deepen my self-love and to trust myself when falling in love with others. I deserve that and so will they.

Today I feel… well, 

Picture the Grinch when his heart burst outta the little gold frame and his face lit up and everyone started singing…. Ok maybe I’m not Julie Andrews on the side of a mountain yet, however I feel a tremendous shift and know my capacity to love evolved to new heights. At the end of the day… that is my path, even if I walk it on my own. Insert Joe Walsh singing… Life’s been good to me so far….. and I know it will keep showing up that way if I do.

Now, when love shows up again… or comes back… who knows, I am playing on a new level. A new level of self-love that brings a sweet delicious bliss. Yum, thank you heartache… you cracked open more room than I thought possible and instead of breaking I am filling it up.

Ok back to my friends poetry. Mark has a crazy knack with words and even crazier with paint. Here is a little something he sent me and I can’t even remember what was going on in my life.  yet… he showed up, reminding me what love is. What true friendship is and what the heart of a poet does… they show up for you. Thank you Mark. Much love always. It is as pertinent and beautiful to me today, maybe more so, than it was when you wrote it.

“Now look. Even as the shallow rub my hands and the sweet take my brain. Just look at the trail behind you…..

Filled with love, learning and healing. The path to healing has rollercoaster lines to wait in and the love is endless fields of swaying flowers that spring forth even after you run through..the learning is all pervasive, and has you naked at the beginning and unaware..towards the end u may have taken another form..but equally able to disperse multidirectionally at a mere intention of a thought, much less a word from a godforsaken book. Hahaa.

So think on it. A mere fleeting second is all it will take. By the time I finish you will be queen.


Written by Mark Starr

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