Trust. Do you have it in you? 


Peace and trust are states of being within ourselves. They can not be achieved through another. They can not be gifted to you from another. Trust is not something you actually have in another, it’s something you have within. 

When you fully trust yourself, your life and your ability to be “ok”… then, and only then will you find peace. 

Lack of trust in another is simply a manifestation of our own self doubt, feelings of unworthiness and fears of loss or abandonment etc. It rarely has anything to do with the other. 

 To flow freely in a world that is not actually looking out for you is a challenging skill. Yet, when we free ourselves from the bonds of fear, trust in ourselves and practice Self-love, the world does begin to respond to your vibration and your dreams manifest. 

Peace becomes your state of being the more you surrender fully to yourself. This skill is cultivated and nurtured within a steady meditation practice. The essential tool of knowing thy self. 

We all get sidetracked by drama. We all find ourselves at some point doing more for others than we do for ourselves. That’s ok. It’s human nature and also a part of a genuine, compassionate Spirit. However, you can not give from an empty well and you best serve others by first taking care of you. Mind, body AND Spirit! 

May peace be in your heart and mind today. May you breathe deep and fully trust yourself.


This is your journey and no one else’s.  

Be brave, be courageous, keep putting yourself out there and keep coming back to center. After all, that is the dance of life. 

Sending you big love! Comment below how you’re practicing self-care today. I’d love to learn and be inspired by you! 

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