A Flashlight Through The Bullshit

I wrote this back in March of 2016 and a dear friend created/painted the accompanying picture based on the words and feeling I was expressing. He’s the Artista. He also knew where I was coming from. Today similar feelings are stirred and I feel… raw, vulnerable and completely letting go of control. I don’t like control… it screams of lack. I don’t like drama. I really just want to love life. This painting got hung up again today. Vulnerability hurts so much more than control… but that’s where Love exists. … and I love.

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 I really f n love Charles Bukowski.

 He’s raw, real, brutal, offensive, honest and an interrogation spotlight on the shiny happy bullshit spread by people unwilling to settle in and get comfy with the darkness that’s a permanent part of being human. 

Embrace it. 
There’s nothing wrong with ugly.

 There’s nothing wrong with tragic. 

It’s the balance to the good stuff. Hug it tight. Be with it. When others doubt when you say you’re ok cause they know dark shit is happening in your world… Rock on anyway. 

Don’t force feeling!

When things don’t affect you the way others assume they should. F it. 

My worlds been every shade of dark and every sound of despair. I walk with a flashlight and music in my hair.

A Mark Starr original painted for me, The Moon Goddess, based on the above writing. When one artist moves another to create… magick happens! Thank you Mark! –find him on Instagram at zedx14

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