Are you following your truths or living for others?? You have this one life… start living it for you. 


Each step on your path is best taken in pursuit of your own truths.

The choices you make, the doors you choose to step through, are best decided upon based on your own values, boundaries, dreams and desires. 


No one knows your truths and no one can tell you what they are. 

Be the seeker of your own truth. 

Trust yourself. 

People, places, circumstance, relationships etc… are all wonderful guides, clues, inspiration and so on. Yet, only you can hold the map and decide which direction your life should take. 

Your whole life you will be bombarded by others. Society, parents, spouses, ideals, laws, religions and more. All trying to convince you what’s right or wrong. 

What’s right for one may be completely wrong for another. 

All wisdom traditions intertwine, weaving together the myth and mystery of life… which are true for you and which aren’t? Use your discernment. 

Pick up what’s for you and leave behind what no longer serves you. 



what are those? 

Those truths you might fight for and defend, may just be philosophical musings and ancient stories. 

Beautiful things they are. 

My favorite things. 


I suggest they are different for everyone and that’s beautiful.  

BE your own story. 

Let others live theirs.

Never stop seeking what makes YOUR heart sing. 

Listen to YOUR soul and let it guide the way to your most extraordinary life. 

Only you know what’s right for you. 

Believe in yourself. 


Now step through the doors to your dreams. 

Art from The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

5 comments on “Are you following your truths or living for others?? You have this one life… start living it for you. ”

  1. Oh wow, Jennifer. Perfect timing perfect words for me right this minute. Thank you for this 💗💗💗

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