Seduced By Nature

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My heart unfurls to the trees

As easily as my legs

Would open to the breeze

Ecstatic love for Self

Swirling like that of my lover

My whole being filled by the Universe

Penetrating all of my senses

Consuming my soul

The Fire of surrender 

Burning to ash

The trivialities of life

My life, my love, my world

There’s not a moment

I’m not making love to you

My beautiful Universe

Bird song shivers my spine

Sunlight caresses my skin

The morning air whispers in my ear 

Seducing me to reality

By this surrender I become whole

With this love

I am whole

With my Self, in nature

I am

Breathing in the morning

The world alive to my yearnings

Floating in existence 


Letting go

I am the Universe

Flowing deep inside of me

As the dappled rays 

Kiss morning leaf

And afternoon flower

As the moon beams 

Flowing tides within its power 

My lips have found

Eternity in every hour

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