An open book holds no mystery


It’s in silence I hear my truths,
You ask so much of me while sharing all of  you
Only time reveals answers
When words tumble incessantly like a waterfall
the roar is deafening to my senses
Hesitation is my direction
Confusion clouds my mind
Words are often filled up
Where actions fall short
Time reveals answers that I may not have now
The bud of a flower gives you one clue
Yet you will never see the beauty of the bloom
If you ask the bud it’s true desire
How does it know how beautiful it could grow
My waters are more the stillness of a lake
Only there can I see
Rushing headlong too fast
Will not be the waters for me
Words can not replace feeling
They can not override actions
I trust in the gentle unfolding of things
I delight in discovery
If I know all the answers now
The me you love may cease to exist
It’s the puzzle, the process
It’s fascination and intrigue
These things pull me in
Mystery captivates me
too many words overwhelm, they feel like an interview
Let me be captivated
Let me wonder
Let me discover
I may not want the job


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