Lost Love… influenced by Poe’s Annabel Lee

Facebook reminded me today that I wrote this last year. A year ago… no wonder time forgets the hearts desire and lays it to rest, allowing the person of passion to be ignited by life and other pursuits. Never take love for granted, feelings change and time marches on.

One comment

There are many more wiser than me

Many more wiser than we

To see your name

I’d certainly be immune

Yet the memories remain the same

and my soul recalls a certain tune

I can still see you as a child

Daring not to stir memories more wild

To breathe a sigh and let go

A comfort you give, you don’t really know

Desire begs to learn the depth of your soul

Logic says it’s far wiser to simply let go

To rest a heart so weary in your arms is but a dream

An experience I’ve not felt and remains completely unseen

A solace I long for in the dark of my night

Such a wish still can’t make it right

Locked deep away like a sacred treasure

You remain in a box without measure

Buried so deep and for so long

I can’t feel what’s right or what’s wrong

Seeing your face surely would not affect

A mind so set on reality, not willing to project

Years have passed in stages

Without hearing your voice in ages

Life has gone on, with no one to claim my heart

It remains open but no champion plays the part

I can’t say what it is in me

that piece of my heart in a sepulcher by the sea 

It’s your highborn kinsman that swept you away from me.

yet to this day you can see you inspire

the ember still burns, no longer a fire. 

The breath of life must be forever blown into the embers of love or inevitably the fire will go out.

JTC, for you it’s just JT

as always your Annabel Lee

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