The Art of Seduction

Go do something that inspires you, something you love!


When talking about following your passions… 

Please don’t make it all about career, achievements and success. 

Surely more in life excites the senses, makes you anxious with anticipation and giddy with excitement. Let’s hope so. 

Yesterday I heard myself saying, “Oh! I LOVE sculpture. When I’m in a museum I can’t wait to get to the sculpture galleries.” Today I realized the closest I’ve been to marble in 4yrs was my bathroom counter! Shame! 

I could sit in the V&A looking at Zephyr, the West Wind, for hours. Feeling the energy of the artist, captured forever within the stone. Not only the art, yet feel what they felt. It’s there. Whispering in the frozen stillness. The cold marble springing to life in my mind. Delicate fingers tracing subtle curves to last far beyond their imagination and sublime touch. 

The strength, the delicate Seduction. I see it, sense it and feel it. Why have I kept that joy from myself? As I guide others to find their purpose I recognize the true need to see beyond work and remember to play. What delights your senses? Dandelion puffs, bare feet in green grass, scent of flower, sound of rain. A cartwheel, laughter, flowy skirts and clouds floating by. The sound geese make as they land on water? What entices you to catch your breath and say… “oh yes, more, I love that!” …. especially that 😉

Why are you keeping yourself from these simple pleasures? 

Oh Bernini… yes! I’ll see you in a museum very soon. 

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