How are you spending your energy? Are you energetically aligned with success? 

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Last week I taught a workshop all about our energetic body. Certifying new students as Inner Compass Energy Healers. Helping others understand that we are more than this flesh & bone physical body. From quantum physics to the most ‘out there’ metaphysics, we are learning more and more every day about our Selves, our environment and the Universe. Stay with me, I’m not getting too woo-woo with you today. 

As a successful entrepreneur and a seeker of … well, anything, everything and more! … it’s my balance between real-world business and inner-world discovery that has brought the greatest benefit to my life. I’m more than financial and professional success, and my Spiritual journey uncovers that daily. 

Yes, I’m a reiki master as well, yet to me, reiki is ‘the kiddy pool’ of energy, the novices foot-in-the-door to getting to know yourself. I can relate easier to most scientific thought than I can reiki people. Not to slight where anyone is at or what their truths are. It’s simply that, for me, there’s A LOT to understand about energy work, healing and understanding and reiki barely tips the iceberg. However my long relationship with the Chopra Center for Wellbeing has helped me uncover my truest Self. My truths, if you will. That’s where it gets good, when you develop an intimate relationship with your own being and know that energy can’t be gifted… you are it!

It’s my mission to help individuals uncover their truths, their deepest desires and untapped potential. When I read this blog today by Sam Sanderson 

The Law of 33% (3 min read)

It reminds me of the gap I like to bridge between professional and esoteric. A bridge I encourage others to flow back and forth over. The inner journey is a brilliant one and so is the journey to personal success. 

I agree with what Sam has written here. It goes along with the motto of Chopra Center certifications — Learn. Share. Teach. Master. 

Life is a spiral and as we go up it’s crucial we share and teach others. In doing so we master more and more about ourselves. Keep your energy circle of friends, peers and protégés in line with your vision. Nurture and cultivate your personal energy. Practice radical self-care. Your mind, body & energy are all crucial parts to your inner & outer success. 

  1. Make time to meditate. 
  2. Spend time in nature.  
  3. Surround yourself with people that build you up. 
  4. Practice radical self care through nourishing food, exercise, massage etc. 
  5. Get plenty of sleep. 
  6. Write down your dreams. 
  7. Give plans to your goals. 
  8. Schedule downtime, it leads to creativity.

Keep in mind that success is defined in a myriad of expressions. Go for the big dream. Achieve it all! Also– Let’s keep our health and sanity along the way. 

Thank you for reading and I wish you all a high-energy, feel-good day on your road to personal success. 

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