Shut Out the Overwhelm and Focus On Your Passion

Be grateful for what you have achieved, then put your focus on what you still want to grow.


Yesterday I told someone that I want to make a T-shirt that says, “Pardon my distraction, I’m currently conquering my world.” I said this in an effort to create an empowering statement instead of the usual crap we say. I believe we do create our world with the words we speak. It starts with our thoughts about what we are experiencing. Then it often flows out in our words, our self-talk and then the choices we make. It’s important to allow your words to create versus negate. Even that’s a bumper sticker! “Hi my name is Jennifer and I create instead of negate.” Corny and true. I want to live in that world. The world where people see their true power instead of spouting off their lack, weakness and reasons why they can’t. What does your self-talk sound like? Are you empowering yourself and the environment around you or are you playing small and letting your words follow suit?

The truth is, I do feel like I am conquering my world. Conquering the person I was yesterday, last week, last year and so on. I say the same thing to my son who is just learning to play tennis. He’s a young 13 in a sea of hulking 14 year old eighth graders. Picture the nerdy kid with glasses on the honor roll that has a heart the size of Saturn, deep compassion and in reality is like a fish out of water in every-day society. I tell him, “The only person you should try to beat is the person you were yesterday.”

The person I am today has the following going on…

  • An accountant who flaked and a mountain of crap to organize before my new accountant can even make sense of it all. We are talking DAYS worth of work, maybe a week!
  • Life coach work that is insanely awesome and pushing me past my fear-zone.
  • New business ideas sparking neurons in the brain that are like “holy crap lady, you haven’t used us in ages!”
  • Payroll for my current business so 24 lovely people get paid on Friday.
  • Kids to pick up from school, one who was sick yesterday which derailed my afternoon (happy mom face of ‘there’s no other place I’d rather be sweetie than listening to you vomit and help make it better’ ugh! lol)
  • Calls to make to the 3 new employees I interviewed yesterday.
  • A workshop to finalize prep on today since I am teaching tomorrow.
  • A list of content to get to my web-designer

Shall I go on?

Include all the other day-to-day of meals, walking the dog etc… and I could seriously feel like the treading water has worn me out and I’m going to simply sink into the ocean of ‘I can’t’.

However, here’s the person I am choosing to be today…  yes, I am overwhelmed and have a lot on my plate and I am also grateful with these 1st world problems that only need a few deep breaths, focus and follow through. I will get what needs to be done done. I know if I lose it and freak out that nothing will be accomplished in the manner it deserves and I will only stress myself out further. I know that if I complain I will give myself a headache of “omg, I can’t even hear my own bitchiness”. Complaining rarely serves your higher purpose and only drains your vital energy.  I feel truly confident and grateful for all that is going on and in the swirling chaos I see my inner magick at work.

I see the seeds I planted 18 yrs ago – my salon business is having it’s 18th anniversary Saturday, April 1st. NO FOOLING!

Congrats past farming seed planter!

You’ve grown a massive tree of beauty, with limbs to support 25 lives and more. With over 3000 clients feeling beautiful, empowered and important each time they visit. What a ripple effect that planting has had on the world. I see the seeds I planted 2 months ago when I decided to hire a life coach to help me get over my BS and get to living, creating and making magick. I was so inspired by her direction that I came up with the awareness that magick is who I am, it’s what I create and it’s what I want to inspire with. – her info is below- I see the tiny little shoot breaking the soil that was starting this blog a few weeks ago. I see the seeds in my pocket, holding the promise of delicious dreams to come true when the time is right.

Gandhi thoughts

Then I thought of my dear friend, Candice and her blog about seeds. I’d saved it, yet I hadn’t taken the time to read it… so today I did. I took a deep breath, stacked up all my paperwork to the side of my desk, called my salon manager to make those phone calls, called my ex and basically said ‘suck it up buttercup, supermom is taking her cape off so have fun at that tennis match.’ Ok, I didn’t but… he got it. Here I am with my cup of tea, the wisdom of seeds sprouting in my mind, my deepest driving desire to set my inner magick on fire and the faith that if I put my passions first I will be living the life of my dreams. This blog is a new lil sprout that needs sun, water and lots of attention. It’s my passion. Today I let it come first and I can’t wait to see what grows from making these types of empowered choices.

I loved taking the time to read Candice’s information about seeds, as a passion of mine is all about the outdoors, gardening, bird-watching and simply getting connected with Mother Nature. Her blog gave me just the taste I needed since I do have too much to do to get outside. I’ve loved taking the time to write and hopefully inspire, as that is my deepest driving desire.

I now feel centered, balanced and motivated to wade through all of these tasks.

Have you focused on your passion today? Are you putting yourself first?

What seeds are you planting today? What is your deepest driving desire? Are you taking a step toward it or letting ‘life’ get in the way and derail your dreams?

Take a deep breath. Feel that inner magick you have and go create! I believe in us!



Here is the lovely blog about actual seeds, planting and divine Archetyping. Thank you Candice!

If the timing is right for you to launch a big dream… Here’s a truly badass, rockin’ life coach that can give you tools and motivation to make that happen.

2 comments on “Shut Out the Overwhelm and Focus On Your Passion”

  1. This is so beautifully written. I especially love the idea of taking stock of each day not by what you harvest but what you plant. What a wonderfully sustainable way to live! I am about to settle in and think about what seeds I would like to sow today. Also, such an inspiration on all you balance in your busy life.

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