Mojo bag & poem

Silver buttons and the mantle of time….
Each moment in time is mine,
like the rhythmic tick tock of my beating heart,
flowing like a delicate, silver thread.
Flowing with the promise of only now.
Each moment woven from this ethereal strand,
Sewn together with each of my passing days,
tailored into a cloak that is this life, my essence, my being.
This mantle of grace surrounds me
with protection, shielding me from the opinions of others.
Sewn with wisdom, guidance, experience and the art of letting go.
Wrapping me in this moment, in my truths.
Being only what I choose this cloak to be,
Who I am, who I shall become,
Never what is not for me.
I gather buttons to fasten this shawl about my shoulders,
Infusing them with only what I wish to carry.
What would these buttons be?
Shining silver, with the tree of my life,
each branch hanging an ornament of joy,
laughter, imagination, freedom, play and love.
Like the swinging pendulum,
time moves ever onward.
I gather this silver firmament about my being.
Tonight, and always, I remain safe, warm and who I want to be.

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